संजीवनी सत्र - Sanjivani Satra 9 Days 1st, 11th, 21st on every month Practice of Mantra Jap - 5 Mala Daily is Mandatory for this shivir. Age Limit: 18-60 yr apply
युग शिल्पी सत्र-Yug Shilpi Satra 1 Month 1st date of every month One Month Shivir. 9 Days Sanjivani must be done before this shivir apply
जीवन प्रबन्धन सत्र - Life Management Program 5 Days 26/11/2017 5 Days Camp for for working professionals, research scholars and intellectuals from all fields apply
अन्त: ऊर्जा जागरण सत्र 5 Days 26/11/2017, 06/12/2017
11/12/2017, 16/12/2017
21/12/2017, 06/01/2018
11/01/2018, 16/01/2018
01/02/2018, 06/02/2018
11/02/2018, 16/02/2018
21/02/2018, 06/03/2018
11/03/2018, 16/03/2018
9 Days Sanjivani Satra & Active participations in activities of Mission is required for this Shivir apply
नारी जागरण सत्र - Women empowerment 5 Days 26/11/2017 Women Empowerment Camp - Run by Mahila Mandal apply
दांपत्य जीवन प्रबंधन सत्र - Family Magement 5 days 09/12/2017 सत्र में मुख्यतः आत्मीयता के विकास-विस्तार, श्रद्धा-सौजन्य, समता-वफादारी जैसे सूत्रों को सरलीकृत कर आप सबों के सामने परोसा जायेगा आयु सीमा 20 से 40 वर्ष apply
योग स्‍वास्थ शिविर - Yoga and Holistic Health Shivir 7 Days 14/12/2017 उम्र सीमा २० से ५० वर्ष | असाध्य रोग नहीं होने चाहिए | apply
युग सृजेता समारोह, नागपुर 3 Days 26/01/2018 Only Gayatri Pariwar Active Youth Members allowed apply

For Applying Following Shivirs Write a Email on:

Shivir Name Duration Scheduled Date Description Email
Music/Sangeet Satra - Three Months 3 Months January, April, July, October leaning music instruments
Parivrajak Satra - One Month Course 1 Month 1st on every month Temple management course for dissemination of the message of Indian culture.